Laser Hair Removal

                 A LA CARTE
 *Pricing is for each body area
Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Sideburns, OR Navel Strip
$50 per treatment
Underarms, Back of Neck,
OR Front of Neck 
 $100 per treatment
Bikini line - preference will be discussed during 
$145 per treatment
Brazilian (Females only)
 $175 per treatment
Shoulders or Buttocks only
$100 per treatment
 Full Face (includes front of neck)
 $200 per treatment
Lower back, upper back, upper chest, OR
$200 per treatment
Full Back OR Full Chest (includes abdomen)
 $350 per treatment
Full torso (includes full back and full chest)
$600 per treatment
Half Legs
$350 per treatment (includes knees)
Full Legs(includes feet and toes if needed)
 $500 per treatment
Full Arms (includes hands fingers and shoulders)
 $250 per treatment
Feet including toes / Hands including Fingers
$100 per treatment
Toes Only/Fingers only
$50 per treatment
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24 hour Cancellation Policy Applies

*prices subject to change

Customized packages available. Please call to make an appointment to create your individual package!

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